Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quote of the Week

When we pray, we recognize our dependence on Him, and we turn ourselves over to His will. When we pray in our vocations, we recognize their connection to God - to His will, His judgments and His grace. We have said that God is hidden in vocation. In prayer, we get a glimpse of Him. The mask is lifted.

Gene Edward Veith, Jr; God at Work, p. 150


Halfmom said...

Good reminder for me ESI as I try to finish well this last month and balance several deadlines at the same time. Do pray for me that I would see God in my vocation - that I would really SEE Him as He is in even allowing whatever the changing circumstances are intended to bring.

Still praying for your family.

Marcus Goodyear said...

It puzzles me that so many folks don't recognize how their vocations are connected to God. How did we divide ourselves so thoroughly that we started to believe God was only in one vocation and one building?

Every Square Inch said...

Susan - hope you see God's hand in moving you from your current job to the next opportunity. May you have joy in your journey

Marcus - perhaps we've all failed in connecting Sunday morning preaching to Monday morning working. I find that many people have a desire for it but few understand what that looks like beyond ethical behavior and bible studies at work. That's why High Calling and other efforts like it, even this humble blog, are important and valued

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. And this reminds me of Ecclesiastes where it tells us that our work is a gift from God.

Of course we should carry with it the sense of calling and vocation from God. Not that I really understand this as well as I want to.

My prayers to you and yours over your loss; for God's consolations and healing, in Jesus.