Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Honor of My Mother

In His good and sovereign will, the Lord called my mother home last Thursday. She was 77. In the two years preceding her death, my mom was not herself - she battled depression and various ailments including cancer.

But when we held the memorial services over two nights, we received an outpouring of grief and condolences from fellow church members. and friends who deeply loved her. They also honored her with God glorifying testimonies of how my mom was used by God.

One church leader spoke of how her ministry in her small group was instrumental in discipling other small group leaders. The senior pastor cited how her leadership gave birth to the church hospitality team - a ministry to greet and welcome visitors to the church. Many women viewed my mom as a second mother to them as she extended both loving care and godly counsel to them. Her zeal to share the gospel was noted by many - she led many to the Lord.
For me, I will remember her as a mother who poured her life into her children. When I reflect upon my life, I think of how much of my mother's influence is evident in who I am today. My love for reading was seeded by my mother's inclination to give me books, rather than toys for birthday presents. Toys, in her mind were frivolous and pointless (I didn't agree then, and I don't agree now). She was also a faithful and loving wife. She and my father were married for over 48 years - to my mind, all of them blissfully happy.

Perhaps what is most notable about her life is the transformation she experienced when she encountered Jesus Christ in her late forties. She went from being someone who was self focused, reserved and fearful to being bold, confident and generous to others. After becoming a Christian, she would have opportunity to teach the women of her church - she would be leading ministry teams - she would be discipling and caring for the younger women. Almost always, she would take any opportunity to share the gospel with unbelieving strangers and friends alike.

I am grateful for my mom and we will miss her dearly. But we are comforted by the realization that she is with the Lord and experiencing more joy than we can imagine. In some ways, she is more alive than she has ever been.

Death is a terrible thing - it's not the way it ought to be - but for the Christian, it is not the final word. Christ will have the final word at the close of the age and He will put things right in this fallen world. I'm looking forward to that Day.


Jimmy said...

ESI - i am sad and glad with you. sad for the loss of your mom and glad for what she is experiencing. thank you for sharing with us a profile of her, it is inspiring -- hearing about people like your mom always spurs me on to love and honoring God in my life. i will be praying for you as i come to this blog each day - this is an emotion that may come and go - it's hard when the Lord brings mom home. i look forward to the seeing my mom again, as i know you do too. God bless and comfort you and yours

Every Square Inch said...

Jimmy - thank you for your kind thoughts. I'm comforted by the promise of the gospel.

Craver Vii said...

Delightful memories. Thank you for letting us know about this wonderful person. She sounds like an absolute treasure to your biological AND spiritual family. My condolences for your loss, Brother.

Marcus Goodyear said...

"her ministry in her small group was instrumental in discipling other small group leaders"

I can't imagine a better honor than to be remembered for how her actions inspired others.

Michele Corbett said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry for your loss. Michele

Halfmom said...

You have done a wonderful posting and tribute to your mom ESI. I read it last night from my email update and prayed for you all, especially you and your dad. I will continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort you in you loss.

So, you were young when your mom became a believer? Do you remember it happening?

As to the blog - I think based on the last weeks' comments that perhaps I should have just deleted it. Actually, the halfmom site was the original blog. I had some email attention that I didn't want or need in my gmail account and I didn't realize that deleting the account would delete my blog as well. It took blogger so long to get back to me that I was receiving emails about "where's the blog" so I started a very similar one. I found my instructions for combining the two just a couple of days ago and since I really preferred the gmail email account to the hotmail account I had to use to start the blog over, I went with the blog that uses the gmail. It's that simply - it was easier for me even if it wasn't easy for the rest of you :)

My xanga still has all my original writings from the two years before. If I can ever figure out how to save or export that one, I will add it to halfmom as well and then save the lot of it. I have some examples (the ice one that you liked for example)that I'd like to keep for teaching.

Humm - this is so long it looks like I should have used email instead of the comment box!

Grace and peace to you and the comfort of the Holy Spirit in all you moments.

Every Square Inch said...

Craver - thank you for your condolences.

Marcus - I didn't even know the extent of how much she had done and how loved she was by so many until I attended the memorial service and burial. Some in her church were even more emotionally undone than my brother and me.

Michele - thank you for your kind thoughts.

Susan - thanks so much for your prayers and support.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I'm so sorry I've missed this all this time!

Thanks for sharing this! Praise God for the hope we have in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

So good to hear of God's working in your mother, and the special person she is to you.

God's comfort, grace and peace be with you in Jesus.