Friday, December 19, 2008

Gospel Translations Update

A few of you have asked me to post about the progress of Gospel Translations since its public launch in September 2007 so here it is! Through the generosity and talents resident in Sovereign Grace Ministries, we were able to produce a video that explains the vision behind the Gospel Translations Project. We were also very glad to be picked up by a number of influential blogs like Girl Talk, Desiring God blog, Ligonier Ministries blog and Justin Taylor's blog. My blogging friend, Marcus Goodyear was kind enough to blog about us as well.

More importantly, fifteen months since its launch, we have over 750 translated resources online in 31 different languages -all for free. Some of these translations are in commonly spoken languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese - others are lesser known like Telegu, Suomi and Igbo. We recently launched a Spanish language wiki site with over 350 Spanish resources from contemporary authors such as John Piper, DA Carson, CJ Mahaney and RC Sproul as well as a smattering of works from profoundly wise"dead guys" like Charles Spurgeon.

We now have a database of approximately 400 translators and many of them are actively at work making gospel centered materials available in their native language. We are deeply grateful and humbled by their faithful, passionate work for the sake of the gospel.

As we enter 2009, please pray for us as we continue to build this ministry -

- We are focused on building a readership base - please pray for the success of this objective
- We are also in great need of funding to continue beyond September 2009 - please pray that God will provide the needed financing.

We trust that God initiated this work and if so, He will supply all that is currently lacking in terms of resources and financing. If you feel led to volunteer or give toward this initiative, please visit our website for more information.

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danielcberman said...

Thanks for the update on your ministry and the work you are doing.

Has there been any thoughts toward networking with other ministries that are also producing multilingual resources, with a view toward engaging the majority world Christian community in a more comprehensive manner? I also wonder about back-translating resources created by Christians in the global south, into English so that a more mutual exchange of thoughts and ideas might occur?

We have so many opportunities lying before us, I look forward to what God has in mind in the years and decades to come.