Friday, August 03, 2007

Why Did the Bridge Collapse?

I'm skipping the "quote of the week" post to share this -

Desiring God Ministries located in Minneapolis, released this video of the aftermath of the tragedy in their backyard. It is set to a provocative, gospel centered message by John Piper entitled "Where is God".

You may find Piper's comments provocative but if gospel truth doesn't speak to the matters of life and death, when is it ever relevant?

In fact, nothing is more relevant in the midst of tragedy than the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also check out Piper's blog posting on the evening of the tragedy.


Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

The clip from Piper's message was very powerful for me - especially as my daughter just returned from an inner city mission's trip in Minneapolis where she crossed that bridge at least twice a day every day.

Oh that I could see the true ugliness of sin in my own life in terms of loss of life, deformity and be horrified by it.

an aside - would you please change the hyperlink for me site on your blog to the one that comes up with this comment? The one you have (which I thank you for as I hadn't noticed it before tonight) goes to the old blog that is no longer updated.

Every Square Inch said...

wow, the tragedy must have affected you and your daughter.

(also updated the link to your new blog address)

Craver Vii said...

It grieves me to think of how many people cross that bridge (death) unprepared for the other side. First, I feel bad on account of the lost souls, then when I think about it, I feel bad because God deserves that they bend their knee while they still had breath in their lungs.

When I heard about the collapsed bridge, it impressed me with a renewed urgency to make sure people who know me hear the gospel.

Every Square Inch said...


How right you are - it should spur us to be faithful to proclaim the gospel. How sad that for many, the day began without any expectation that it would be their last.