Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quote of the Week

"Grace, like water, always flows downward, to the lowest place."

Philip Yancey, foreword to John Newton, From Disgrace to Amazing Grace


L.L. Barkat said...

And grace, being even more powerful and mysterious than water, also flows uphill sometimes. Indeed, I wonder if true grace isn't always just this miraculous.

Real Live Preacher said...

I think I get the sense of the quotation. I also think grace might surprise us all. Even rich and powerful people need it.

Every Square Inch said...


Yes, true grace, emanating from God, is more powerful than water and certainly miraculous. I think Yancey was trying to communicate that it is the humble who often discover the grace of God.


Surprised by grace? Yes - I think there was even a book by that title (can't remember who wrote it). The rich and powerful need it and they are by no means excluded by God. Grace is extended to the humble - they may be rich or poor, powerful or weak. I think it's a little difficult to get the context of a quote but Yancey was writing the foreword for a book on John Newton, who discovered the grace of God when he was at his lowest point and at the time of his greatest need. That's often how grace come to us. God gives grace to the humble.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Great quotation and great comments.

of course the rich have to own up to the fact that in God's eyes they're in deep need and that his grace must descend to them as well. Call for humility I see there, humbling themselves/ourselves.

Every Square Inch said...


Thanks for your thoughts - rich or poor - we receive grace from God when we humble ourselves.