Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quote of the Week

"Satan takes no vacations. The moment we are content in this fallen world, the dangers return - not least the danger of over-contentment. Without being contentious, prepare for conflict; without being combative, equip yourself for the 'good fight' (2 Tim 4:7). It will last at least as long as you live."

D.A. Carson, For the Love of God Vol II, p.30


Halfmom said...

What a quote! It's an encouragement so I'm glad you posted it. It makes me think of all the places in the Bible we are told to "stand firm!" That is the image I get of being prepared for conflict but not being contentious - of getting my balance, squaring my shoulders and facing forward, prepared to stand firm...

Jimmy said...

agreed, a very helpful quote, thanks ESI. it is so easy to look for the peaceful place to relax, or expect that in this world we will be able to be less and less vigilant. this is why i like to visit the book of Judges regularly and be reminded that we must keep the truth and tell the next generation. i must remind myself that gospel must be regularly preached to myself and that i must ensure that my children get it and treasure it. and one day, maybe i will have grandchildren to pour the gospel into.
but for today, throughout this day and all the days the Lord gives me, i must strap on the armor and hold fast my confession

Every Square Inch said...

Susan, Jimmy -

thanks for your comments. I find it too easy to take my eyes off the prize of eternal glory and settle for the things of this world. I get comfortable and live like this is home... when it isn't.

May God help us to fight to hold onto this great salvation