Friday, August 07, 2009

Quote of the Week

"The world strongly influences us in a thousand ways to take a short view of life - eat, drink and be merry now because tomorrow may never come. Christians, on the other hand, are to take a longer, more clearheaded view of life, living intentionally and responsibly in order to make contributions to society that will last long after our individual lives in this world are over."


Jimmy said...

thanks ESI for this quote. i was recently place on a special diet and it is challenging but thoughts like this are what help me to look beyond the temporary pleasure of eating whatever i want to taking care of this frame that belongs to the Savior. this helps me to remember i was bought with a price (1Cor 6:20) and He has good works prepared for me (Eph 2:10). Thus i need to make sure i am healthy and strong enough to be fruitful.
thanks for the help!

btw - what did you think of the book?

Every Square Inch said...

Jimmy - thanks for sharing your recent challenge. I hope the diet goes well for you.

Regarding the book - it's an easy, quick read. I would characterize it as a good book, not a great one. (I don't mean that as a criticism, just an opinion)

TT hammers on his main point - that Christians make a difference by being different from the world. It's an important point to make at a time where many christian leaders are espousing the necessity of contextualizing the gospel in order to be relevant to a postmodern world. I think it's worth a read...his writing is conversational in style so it;s a relatively quick read