Friday, April 03, 2009

Quote of the Week

Godly men exercise faith in God in their callings by trying to manifest a Christian spirit in all that they do. The spirit which actuates us may seem to be a small matter so long as we are outwardly right; but it is in reality the essence of the whole thing. Take away the flavour from the fruit, or the fragrance from the flower, and what is left? Such is correct living without the savour of grace.

CH Spurgeon 1834-1892


Jimmy said...

Wow! what a great quote, especially the last sentence ties it all in and brings it into full meaning. how many beautiful pieces of fruit i have tossed because there was no flavor. how defrauding is a silk flower, though pretty to the eye, the real rose permeates the room with a great fragrance. it is just the same when i spend time with Christians -- you can tell someone who is really in love with the Savior and whose life grows out of that love. it is compelling and draws my attention to the same love --The Savior. i can think of a number of people like that and i am so grateful for their example and effect in my own life. they help me grow in the same direction. this post serves to direct my prayers and pursuit in my Christian walk. May the Lord pour out this grace on all of us!

Every Square Inch said...

jimmy - you're right - you can tell when you;re in the company of a christian who doesn't just "follow the rules" but is actually motivated by love and affection for Jesus Christ.