Saturday, November 03, 2007

Quote of the Week

"Five minutes after we die, we'll know exactly how we should have lived. We'll know how much we should have given, prayed, shared our faith, meditated on Scripture. But then it'll be too late to go back and live our lives over again. We won't have a chance to be sold out disciples of Jesus Christ in a fallen world. Here and now is our only opportunity to do that. "

Randy Alcorn, 50 Days of Heaven, p.256


Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

Interesting to read this quote in the middle of a meeting in San Diego - more than 26,000 people in attendance yesterday (Neuroscience). It's so very hard to know what to say, when to say it or to even have a chance to say it - the days and evenings are packed so full of science and scientists - I can only hope at this point that something about me bring the sweet aroma of Christ - that somehow I don't just blend into the mass consciousness here - this is NOT where I want to be assimilated!

Every Square Inch said...

May the Almighty God who created Neuroscience meet you in the midst of the conference...and don't get assimilated into the 26,000

L.L. Barkat said...

Something about this quote leaves me disturbed. I guess I tend to want different reasons for living a godly life... not threat and loss reasons, but a vision of love that pushes me ever towards deeper discipleship. (Makes me kind of rethink how I try to motivate my children in various ways!)

Every Square Inch said...


I understand - sometimes quotes are unfair to the author... I think his intention was simply to sound the clarion call to use the opportunities presented to us now to live for Christ, and not to defer obedience, and radical discipleship