Sunday, May 27, 2007

First Year of Blogging

It's my blogging anniversary. A year ago, the Every Square Inch blog went "live" over the Memorial Day weekend and I thought I should note the first year of this humble, little blog.

Here are a few observations on my first year of blogging -
  • God has used blogging as a means to sharpen my thinking on a number of issues. Very often that comes about as I interact with readers of Every Square Inch as well as those of a number of blogs I visit.
  • I cannot sustain more than two posts/week. When I started blogging, I had hoped to post every other day. However, I've since realized that, despite my best efforts, that particular goal just wasn't going to be attainable with all I have going on in my life...and that's ok.
  • I've come to greatly appreciate the friends I've "met" through blogging. I've been blessed whenever you've stopped by Every Square Inch with a comment or written something on your blog that pointed me to God in some way.
  • Blogging makes me appreciate fellowship in a church community. As much as I love blogging as a medium for the exchange of thoughts and ideas, there are undeniable limitations. So in a strange way, blogging has made me more appreciative of the fellowship I experience at church. There is no substitute to experiencing fellowship heart to heart and face to face.
  • I blog because I enjoy it.
Other points of interest after the first year of Every Square Inch -
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read, comment or link to Every Square Inch - I'm humbled and grateful for your investment of time and interest.


Lillie Ammann said...

Happy anniversary! I just discovered your blog but look forward to being a regular reader. I'm coming up my first blogging anniversary in a couple of weeks. Unlike you, I have increased from blogging a couple times a week to blogging at least five days a week (with an occasional post on the weekend). But I often write several messages at the same time and schedule them to post on future dates. I don't know if that's possible in Blogger, though.

HALFMOM said...

Congratulations - on both your award (to which I give a hearty Hurrah as I agree whole-heartedly) and on your anniversary. It made me wonder how long I'd been blogging, so in checking my Xanga (dual postings) I found that today is my second year anniversary.

observations/questions about your blog:
1) some great things have come from humble beginnings, so you're in good company when you indicate that you have a "humble, little blog"
2) I agree that it is quite possible to become friends with those you blog with, especially when you assume the common ground of Christ (I call them "friends I haven't met yet"). Think of all the people that loved the apostle Paul and yet had never met him in person, knowing him only through his letters. Yet, how does one discern the nature of the blogger... availability of a profile, I can find yours nowhere - content, underlying theology? Are we more or less trusting of someone we know only on cyber than perhaps a traditional author or someone we meet in person?
3) I actually discuss some blogs, including yours, with my "face-to-face" friends because I like to process ideas verbally and so must agree that blogging does make me more appreciatvie of heart to heart and face to face relationships.
4) My favorite post of yours? That has yet to be determined but I do look forward to each thought-provoking entry.

Ted Gossard said...

ESI, I have greatly appreciated meeting you in the blog world, as well as your blog, of course.

I frankly did not know what to expect from someone who has a Calvinist leaning; I had been revolted sadly and frankly by blogs I've run across either more Calvinist or very separationist which blasted all Christians who do not see eye to eye with them on most all things.

But your blog was a refreshing change from that, given in an irenic, loving spirit, so that we can appreciate the great good that comes out of the Christian tradition you are a part of.

And I learn from you as well, especially as you get into areas I'm not familiar with. And we do sharpen each other theologically as well. I appreciate your forthrightness done in love.

Anyhow, happy first, and many more, as the Lord wills, to come!

Every Square Inch said...


Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I'd love to be able to post more often but 3 times a week is a lot for me and most weeks, I can only blog twice.

The feature of scheduling posts isn't in Blogger yet (I know typepad offers it) but I'm not sure if it would translate to more posts for me.

Every Square Inch said...


Thanks so much for reading and participating on this blog with your comments. I'm grateful for it. I also truly appreciate the honesty and humility of your comments.

Every Square Inch said...


Thanks! I very much enjoyed your blog - I love your humble disposition as you blog.

Your experience with others of Calvinist/Reformed position is sadly too common. Yet, if one is truly Reformed in heart, it ought to lead to humility. Understanding God's holiness, our sinfulness and the grace revealed to us leaves no place for self righteousness.

I do have strong positions that I think are essential truths but I hope that I can communicate them with what someone has called "humble orthodoxy". Ted, if I fail to do so in any blogging forum, please feel free to alert me to that.

Craver Vii said...

(cork) *pop*

Congratulations! Don't overdo it though ;-)
Keep the good posts coming, buddy!

Every Square Inch said...


Thanks! I will heed your advice - definitely no drinking and blogging for me.

Ted Gossard said...

ESI, Okay. And please do the same with me, brother.


The Gyrovague said...

It has been fun to watch as this grows. I became aware of you because I am the editor of a blog site Someone mentioned you and asked if I worked with you on the blog, I collaborate with about 30 others on that blog, but not you.

Keep up the good work.

L.L. Barkat said...

I like how you've articulated what blogging has "taught" or led you to discover and experience. Funny, it's not just this private thing, a simple pasttime or hobby that has no effects.

Blessings on your blogging future.

Every Square Inch said...


Thanks for your comments and it's funny how we separately attached to the "every square inch" moniker.

Thanks for what you're doing with your site.

Every Square Inch said...


Thank you. Your blog is just a stellar example of how an online community is built - your writing skills coupled with your ability to draw people into conversations are wonderful.

Lillie Ammann said...

I've tagged you for a meme - an easy one, especially since you have been reviewing your posts for the past year. Just recycle a post from the past that those of us who started reading you only recently might have missed. You can find the tag on my blog.