Saturday, February 03, 2007

Whose Coffee Reigns Supreme?

Score one for us common folk. For years, I've preferred Mcdonald's coffee to Starbucks and now I've been proven right! In an unbiased taste test, Consumer Reports has declared Mcdonald's coffee as superior to three other competitors including Starbucks!

Starbucks coffee has always tasted burnt and bitter to me. Yet, for the past decade, it's been hailed as the gold standard in coffee.

The Starbucks winning formula? Serve bitter coffee, open stores everywhere, conceive baffling terminology (the smallest size is tall? what I want to know is - what happened to short?) and here's the crucial bit - overcharge, overcharge, overcharge.

It's absolutely brilliant marketing...I mean it! When it comes to sheer marketing genius, you've got to tip your hat to the folks at Starbucks.

But now the veil has been lifted, our coffee drinking sensibilities have been restored and a culture change is afoot... I love it when I'm right.


Ted Gossard said...

Yeah. I think I like McD's better, too.

andre said...


Alright! It isn't cool to admit that you prefer McD to I definitely respect you now. :-)

Meng said...

Maybe your post is bringing out closset McD coffee drinkers...

I only buy ice blended at Strabucks and that only when I feel like a big treat!! About 7 years ago when my family was in the US and we were at an airport and had time for a cuppa coffee we bought Starbucks but ended throwing it away because it was just too bitter and you're right burnt tasting. Connie said its because I bought the cheapest one on the menu!

andre said...

Stick with McD. and resist the urge of yuppie-dom.