Friday, December 01, 2006

High Tech Prayer Breakfast

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to attend the Washington DC High Tech Prayer Breakfast. Although I had previously heard about the event, this was the first time I was able to attend.

The High Tech Prayer Breakfast is an annual event serving as an outreach to high tech professionals in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Christians in the technology business may sometimes operate in anonymity as we busy ourselves with running companies, building software and managing projects. Yet, you will find among the ranks of these christians, some of the leading executives, venture capitalists, corporate lawyers, bankers and technologists in the region.

The High Tech Prayer Breakfast offers us an opportunity to reach out to our colleagues and business associates in a non threatening and compelling way.

This year's event was attended by over 800 individuals. It was keynoted by Jay Coughlan, former CEO of Lawson Software. He offered a compelling testimony of how he came to faith in Christ and how God has changed his life. It was a joy to hear of the mercy of God shown to Jay. You can read more about his testimony in this article.

The High Tech Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC was started by Carl Grant, who serves as its President and unofficial chief evangelist. By day, he's the Vice President, Business Development for Cooley Godward, a leading law firm. Carl is one of the most connected individuals in the Washington DC tech scene and genuinely, one of the good guys in our business. After attending the High Tech Prayer Breakfast in Atlanta, Carl was moved to start an equivalent prayer breakfast in the Washington DC area. It's attracted a good response and couple of years ago, the Washington Post even ran a nice story about the the event.

I am glad for guys like Carl and others in the organizing committee who make it a point of using their gifts to make a unique difference in the marketplace.

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Anonymous said...

It's so encouraging to see how the gospel can still remain at the center of the lives in many CEOs. It truly shows how God can use all kinds of people with different occupations to further His kingdom.