Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Could Have Been a Contender...

There are world championships for soccer, ice skating, gymnastics and even chess – so, why not the universally popular “Rock-Paper-Scissors”?
Apparently, 500 top players from around the world gathered in Toronto this past weekend to compete for $8,840 prize and title of world champion.

The winner was Bob Cooper, a 28 year old sales manager from London, UK.

The tournament had all the attributes of high stakes championship play, including teamwork, trash talking and intimidation.

Players will have to steel themselves against psychological pressure as players typically form teams to rally each other ”The team will surround the arena, provide moral support and usually try to intimidate the opponent," said Graham Walker…co-author of "The Official Rock Paper Scissors Guide”

Sadly, ESPN chose not to carry the event...but you can read about it in this news account and also at the World RPS site.

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