Monday, October 23, 2006

The iPod Turns Five

Five years ago, Apple Computer launched the iPod and spawned a multi-billion dollar industry. Since then, 68 million iPods have been sold and iPod sales now accounts for approximately 40% of Apple's expected $19.3 billion in revenues this year. There have been challengers to the iPod but none have threatened its esteemed position at the top of the digital music ecosystem.

I love the iPod - what a wonderful expression of common grace. A couple of years ago, Kathy gave me a 20 Gig iPod and it's changed my life! I'm now able to take my entire collection of audio sermons and music on the road when I travel. It's made flights seem shorter, workouts more enjoyable and daily commutes more bearable.

In celebration of its 5th anniversary, here are interesting links about the iPod.

Check out the iPod family tree from Engadget. It also includes a YouTube video of Steve Jobs' introduction of the iPod.

Fairplay is the encryption technology that enables the iPod to function as a closed system. Thanks to FairPlay, the songs Apple sells at its iTunes store cannot easily be played on other devices, and copy-protected songs purchased from other sites will not play on the iPod. According to an article by Robert Levine, Jon Johansen, a Norwegian hacker has unlocked the FairPlay code and enabled the cross sharing of copy protected music. Will interoperability of digital music be on the horizon for the iPod?

Heard of iPod slurping? On my other blog, I previously posted about how the iPod may be used as a means of data theft. Here's a more extensive discussion on Pod slurping.

Finally, check out the ultimate iPod accessories as deemed by BusinessWeek. A sure sign of the decline of Western culture? The iCarta iPod Toilet Paper Holder.

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