Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Good, The Sad, The Funny

It's been an extremely busy couple of weeks but I'm now back to my regular blogging schedule with this post.

The Good

There appears to be a multitude of blogs and websites that address the topic of integrating faith and work. However, there are two online resources that I've come to appreciate and would like to highlight:

Marketplace Network is headed up by Kent Kusel and Randy Kilgore. Randy is the author of a number of thoughtful articles on the area of integrating faith and work.

Work Research Foundation is a Canadian based organization focused on influencing Christians toward a biblically based engagement with work and public life. Gideon Strauss is one of their primary writers and the editor of Comment, a monthly publication of the WRF. It's a little more academically rich and philosophical than your typical work-faith discussion forum but I've found it very beneficial.

The Sad

Even if you're a casual sports fan, you've undoubtedly heard of the many doping scandals that plague the contemporary sporting landscape. The use of steroids or human growth hormones are a problem that simply isn't going away anytime soon. Apparently, the problem of performance enhancing substances has now crept into the realm of academic achievement.
Dr. Al Mohler blogs on Academic Doping and America's Parents. He reports on the trend of parents who are "asking doctors to prescribe drugs like Ritalin and Adderall so their students -- especially teenagers -- will perform better on tests and assignments". This is truly a sad commentary on what we value as a society.

The Funny

If you're a member of a Sovereign Grace Ministries church or are familiar with SGM, you'll find last week's post by Tim Challies particularly humorous. He introduces us to the Successor, a spoof of the Apprentice reality show starring CJ Mahaney and the Sovereign Ministries team.


Mark Goodyear said...

Good links. It's always interesting to see which sites on the integration of faith and work other people find helpful and inspirational. You can probably guess which ones I like : )

Also, I loved "The Successor"! Especially their euphemism for "You're Fired."
"Would you please serve us by serving somewhere else!"

It's funny. But it's also a phrase worth thinking about.

andre said...


Thanks for posting. I would imagine that www.highcalling.org would figure among your favorites. :-) I haven't spent much time there but I will check it out.

BTW, I'm eagerly waiting for your next post of your "myths of publishing" series. Don't leave me hanging...

Mark Goodyear said...

I know. I need to get it done. You've lit a fire under me. I'll finish our children's Christmas musical tonight and post it tomorrow.

andre said...


That's what happens when you get a fan base. :-)