Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vacation Eyes

I've been intending to post a couple of photos from our recent vacation...but never got around to it. We were in Yosemite marveling at God's creation and I just want to share a couple of photos so you can marvel along.

I'm not much of an outdoorsman but it's difficult not to be impressed with the scenery.

How kind of God to create a world of such color, texture and beauty for us to enjoy. He could have created a bland world in monochrome...but we're thankful he chose not to.!

Never been to the Grand Canyon...I've heard it said that it will leave you in awe and feeling small ....Yosemite had a similar effect on me.

That said, Kathy will often remind me that beautiful vistas and sights are around us, every day but we're too busy to notice. She calls it looking with "vacation eyes'. She'll often draw my attention to a spectacular sunset as we're driving along or have me stop to pay attention to flowers blooming in the garden. She's right - there is beauty all around us.


Ben & Amy Phillips said...

Wow - amazing scenery Andre! Never been to Yosemite, but would love to trek out there one day! I love Kathy's perspective on the beauty of scenery all around us every day - but we don't stop and notice. I think I'll pay more attention to my surroundings from now on.

andre said...

Yes, even with my remedial photography skills, it was hard not to take a good photo. :-)

Meng said...

Beautiful scenery. Remedial photography skill is nowadays well compensated by good digital cameras!
Was that a refreshing holiday for you? Hope it was.
Unfortunately in Malaysia, around the city its haze and smog even with the best of "vacation eyes." The pace of life helps me overlook these shortcomings ;>
Fortunately the food and people make up for it!!